Embroidered Workwear Goes Beyond Just Decoration

Embroidered workwear can incorporate neatly sewn -in company names and company logos on the work wear. Embroidering creates a distinctive effect of its own, an effect that can enhance the brands of companies. These embroidered lettering and logos are durable, washable and can be made using the distinctive patterns, colors and lettering styles the company already uses. Sewn in embroidery is difficult to remove and so your brand will go wherever the cloth goes. The image of your company can definitely be enhanced through well-designed and executed embroidered work wear. Seen day-in-day-out, the lettering and logos can imprint your company brand into the minds of all who come to see it.

Non-Sewing Solutions

Where sewing is not the best solution as for waterproof clothes, heat transfer can be employed for lettering and logos. Permanent and washable, heat transfer is ideal for single color work. Embroidered workwear is available for catering and chefs wear, high visibility safety wear, strikingly patterned aprons, jackets and coveralls, ties and scarves, business wear and trousers, and any other kind of work or professional wear.

The Appeal of Embroidered Work Wear

Embroidery adds its own appeal to the standard work wear, making it more attractive to the workers. The patterns on embroidered workwear break the monotony and boredom of uniformity. You might actually be contributing to better HR by having your workwear embroidered. Another aspect of embroidered workwear is personalization. You can order personalized workwear that is suited to your profession or business, as well as your own tastes. In these days of advanced technology, personalization is not all that big a problem and suppliers might accept even one garment as the minimum order size

Embroidered "Workwear" as Promotional Clothing

You can offer embroidered wear as part of your promotional efforts. For example, your customers might be delighted to receive embroidered polo shirts or sweatshirts. If you brand these wear with your logo and name, many outside your organization will see it, and the awareness of your company brand will expand.

Getting Embroidered Workwear

You can get embroidered workwear from work wear suppliers. Suppliers with modern equipment will not find it a problem to embroider the clothing. Alternatively, you can approach specialist embroiderers who will focus on the embroidery alone.


Embroidered workwear could do many things. It could help build your corporate brand and image. It could contribute to worker pride and satisfaction. It could promote your business. With the advances in technology, personalization of even small quantities of work wear is not a problem so contact us today!

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